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Collective Impact in Action

Every child deserves a Promise Neighborhood. To improve the lives of children, from cradle-to-college and career, all elements of collective impact must be put into action. By having a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and a backbone organization, all children and their families will be able to live in communities of opportunity. 

The Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink (PNI) provides resources to all communities, whether or not they have been awarded a federal grant, including technical support for planning, identifying quality approaches, building partnerships, assessing needs, and many more essentials for successfully building a cradle-to-career pipeline.  

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Building a Cradle-to-Career Continuum

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Provides a step-by-step illustration of the 10 results and 15 indicators that must be met to ensure that Promise Neighborhoods' goals are met. It also includes a list of resources that are specific to each result.


Outlines competencies needed to build a cradle-to-career continuum of programs, services, and supports. It describes intended milestones, developmental stages, and resources to help meet capacity goals.

Lists a suite of tools, webinars, and publications aimed at helping stakeholders interested in implementing cradle-to-career strategies.

Provides updates on legislative developments, commentary on educational equity, research on local and national innovations, and much more.  

Spotlight on Promise Neighborhoods

  • Great News!! With bipartisan support, the U.S. Senate just voted to include Promise Neighborhoods in its bill reauthorizing ESEA! Inclusion will enable communities to design and implement a comprehensive and coordinated pipeline of educational and community supports to make certain that all children reach their full potential. While this is a huge step forward, there remains key issues that still need to be addressed.

    We extend huge thanks to Sen. Christopher Murphy, Sen. Patty Murray and all other senators who supported the inclusion of Promise Neighborhoods in this important legislation.

  • Register for the Equity Summit 2015, October 26-29, Los Angeles. PNI will host a network convening to support and complement  joint fundraising efforts. It will also provide an opportunity to collaborate with Promise Neighborhoods peers, access new tools and information, and learn additional best-practices for getting results in communities.
  • Sign up for office hour sessions for one-on-one coaching from PNI leadership.